Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3rd Eye Gemini Grinders?

3rd Eye Gemini Grinders are made for grinding tobacco and legal medicinal herbs that can be vaporized or smoked. Our exclusive, coating process provides you with a self cleaning, nano ceramic coated grinder that does not stick and reduces the need for cleaning.

Does your coating contain PTFE (or Teflon)?

No! Our product contains ZERO Teflon or PTFE. It is completely inert and is 100% safe for food contact and approved for use in the tobacco manufacturing industry. Our coating is extremely durable and can withstand temperatures much higher than required to enjoy your grounded herbs.

My Grinder is a little sticky.  What now?

3rd Eye Gemini Grinders are designed to be used with herbs cured at the industry standard 8-10% moisture level. Herbs above 12% moisture will cause resin to accumulate.

We have found that in ALL CASES where the grinder is sticking it's due to excess moisture content. Clean your grinder according to instructions for "Caring For Your Grinder". Additionally, leave your herbs out in a dry environment for 12-24 hours and grind to reduce moisture levels. 

If you're using any humidification devices or packs to maintain the proper relative humidity of your storage environment (recommended in very humid climates) ensure your levels are kept between 55% - 60% humidity.

What is your Replacement policy?

If any part fails under under normal use within 1 year of purchase, contact us at and we will (at our discretion) send a replacement grinder to you at no charge.

Required information includes:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Complete delivery address
  • Pictures showing the damage

Our replacement policy does not include cosmetic damage or parts that are dropped, scratched with a metal object or otherwise damaged from other than normal use.