Caring For Your Grinder

With some light care, your 3rd Eye Gemini Grinder with last a lifetime.  Like all things that need to remain at peak performance, the occasional maintenance will be required.  You can find our suggestions for care, and FAQs, and support request ticket links here.

Cleaning the cutting area: While your grinder won’t generally need cleaning, if your herbs have an exceptionally high moisture content (12% or higher) or your medical needs necessitate a high volume, you may see some buildup. The ceramic makes it very easy to remove any material that does accumulate:

  • Tap the grinder lightly on a solid surface each time you use it (we recommend doing this over a piece of paper so you can collect everything that comes out). This will prevent any buildup if done every time you use the grinder.
  • Occasionally brush off the lips and teeth with an old toothbrush (to avoid any injury to your fingers from the sharp teeth). This will dislodge most of the particles that remain.

Cleaning the exterior: If any dirt builds up on the outside of your grinder, you can use a soft cloth with soap and water to wipe it away.

Lubrication: Your grinder is completed coated in our low-friction non-stick nano ceramic, and will not get stuck under normal use. However, if your herbs contain above 12% moisture, you may experience some slight buildup around the lips. This can generally be brushed right off using the techniques above, but if all else fails we recommend refined hemp seed oil (available online from Amazon). This will both lubricate your grinder and cause any buildup to be easily wiped away with a paper towel or rag.

Use of Solvents: Our ceramic is highly durable, and it’s safe to use rubbing alcohol or acetone on the coating without fear of damaging it.  We will not replace units that have experienced a change in logo color or brightness.


With enough force it’s possible to dislodge the coating. While the coating is non-toxic and won’t burn, scratches will impede the function of your grinder. If you want to scrape the teeth to remove and save any of that potent residue, use the plastic pick provided at purchase.  These thicknesses offer the optimal combination of hardness and flexibility required to reach all the nooks and cranny's.